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The CRTG Working Group believes that enhancing effective coordination in different sectors is crucial when threats to the safety of the child are especially serious and require coherent and integrated detection and intervention efforts. In every aspect of its work, the CRTG Working Group seeks to include I/NGOs, institutions, academics, humanitarians and international experts that share a deep commitment towards the protection of the security and rights of children affected by terrorism. 

Institutional membership is open to organizations, foundations, and institutions from the public, non-profit, and private sector that maintain the existence of a shared purpose and unity of effort in protecting children from terrorist violence and exploitation. 


  • Public acknowledgment on the CRTG Working Group website and Annual Report

  • Bi-monthly newsletter containing updates on events, expert analysis and research publications.

  • Discounted rates for events, periodic conferences, training and education

  • A members-only website with exclusive access to the CRTG Working Group resources. 

  • Participate in the CRTG Working Group in-house Expert Briefing Series, engage with globally-recognized experts and contribute to critical gap analysis on children affected by terrorism.

  • Networking opportunities.

  • Joint advocacy efforts and speaking opportunities at our high-level events.


Do you represent an organization interested in joining the CRTG Working Group? 

Contact us at or send us an inquiry 

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