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Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes: Propaganda, Instruction and Planning

Expert Briefing

28 May 2020


Cecilia Polizzi, Founding President/CEO at CRTG Working Group


Mohamed Ahmed, Executive Director at Average Mohamed

The promotion of violence and extremist rhetoric encouraging violent acts are common trends in terrorism propaganda across Internet-based platforms. Internet-facilitated propaganda, has increasingly served to ensure continuous flow of supporters and sympathizers into terrorist movements and has also supported a shift in terrorist tactics. The dynamics of terrorism have changed. Terrorist groups progressively mutated from a defined, hierarchical structure to a leaderless resistance model under which the perpetration of violent attacks is incited regardless chains of command, training, instruction, material assistance or operational planning. Additionally, while terrorist propaganda is often tailored to appeal to vulnerable and marginalized groups in society, the Internet may be particularly effective for the recruitment of minors, who comprise a large proportion of users. The use of technological barriers to access recruitment platforms also increases the complexity of tracking terrorism-related activity by intelligence and law enforcement personnel.

Shaping Futures

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