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Trauma and Social Connection: Understanding Barriers and Opportunities in Working with Child Returnees

Expert Briefing

25 June 2020


Cecilia Polizzi, Founding President/CEO at CRTG Working Group


Dr. Heidi Ellis, Director at Refugee Trauma and Resilience Center Boston Children’s Hospital

Dr. Emma Cardeli, Assistant Professor, Boston Children´s Hospital and Instructor of Psychology at Harvard University

Children in ISIL-controlled territories experienced severe, multi-layered and pervasive trauma. Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affect children´s brain structure and impact multiple levels of their social ecology. Whereas left untreated, trauma and PTSD, lead to profound consequences including emotional, behavioral and cognitive impairements and may be conducive to the development of anti-social behaviors. 

Shaping Futures

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Working Group on Children Recruited 

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